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Our Team

The SGI team collaborates regularly to brainstorm and evaluate the best real estate investments. Combining financial expertise with a commitment to sustainability, they seek opportunities that create long-term value while minimizing environmental impact. Through open dialogue and rigorous analysis, the team selects investments aligned with their vision for a greener future, aiming for both financial success and positive contributions to communities and the environment. 

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Principal, Managing Director
          Principal, Director

Associate, Director


Steve Stamp is a highly experienced professional in the real estate industry with over 31 years of experience. He is currently involved in various companies related to real estate, including a residential and commercial real estate brokerage, a high-end custom home building company, a land acquisition and development company, a private equity firm, and a 501c3 that manages conservation easements. Steve is licensed in multiple states as a residential homebuilder, real estate broker, and building contractor.

Brion is an experienced entrepreneur with a diverse background in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, retail, technology, and construction. He has a proven track record of success, having grown his national pharmacy to multiple locations generating eighteen million a year in revenue, and expanding his outdoor retail store to a beautiful 15,000 sq ft facility in just two years. Brion's expertise in business strategy, customer service, product development, and real estate sales and development has earned him recognition as an industry innovator and Entrepreneur of the Year.

"As a dedicated Business Finance professional", I offer comprehensive bookkeeping, forecasting, and budgeting services to drive financial efficiency and organizational success. With a Juris Doctorate degree in progress, I am also equipped to provide legal guidance to clients navigating the intricate ways in which legal principles underpin business operations and governance."

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